On November 30 2023, the 24th European Power Energy Exhibition came to a perfect conclusion in Paris, France. As a professional gas intelligent monitoring solution provider, Chengdu Zhongke Zhicheng was honored to participate in this international event and comprehensively demonstrated Chengdu Zhicheng's latest technology and innovative achievements in gas intelligent control.



Enlit stands is not only the largest event in Europe, but also an important event in the global energy field. It has always attracted attention for its professionalism, internationality and forward-looking, covering a variety of energy fields, involving natural gas production, distribution, use and integration with renewable energy. This exhibition will bring together energy departments, scientific research institutions, well-known enterprises and professionals from all over the world to discuss the latest developments, technological innovations and market trends in the energy field.


The European gas industry is currently undergoing an energy transition and is committed to achieving carbon neutrality goals. As a relatively clean fossil fuel, natural gas is regarded as a transitional energy source that can help Europe achieve a smooth transition to renewable energy. Therefore, natural gas currently remains a very important energy source in Europe, used for heating, electricity production and industry purposes.


The application of digital and intelligent technologies has brought huge opportunities to the European gas industry. By applying technologies such as IoT, big data analytics and artificial intelligence, gas companies can optimize operations, increase efficiency and provide better services to customers. However, this also requires corresponding investment and technology updates.



Chengdu Zhicheng demonstrated its latest intelligent gas pipeline monitoring solution at this exhibition. This solution uses the latest Internet of Things technology to achieve coverage monitoring of gas pipeline networks and facilities through wireless sensor networks. At the same time, cloud computing and big data analysis technology are combined to process and analyze monitoring data in real-time, providing early warning, alarm and intelligent scheduling functions. This innovative solution not only improves the safety performance of the gas industry, but also effectively reduces operating costs, attracting widespread attention inside and outside the industry.



Europe is one of the important markets in Chengdu Zhicheng's international market development strategy. This exhibition has far-reaching significance for Chengdu Zhicheng's internationalization journey. We look forward to establishing long-term cooperative relationships with more European customers and partners to jointly promote the development of smart gas and achieve long-term win-win results.


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